• Turmares

    Turmares Whale Watching in Tarifa, Tarifa, Spain .

     The original main activity was maritime tourism and, in particular, whale and dolphin watching in the Strait of Gibraltar area. You can book your whale watching tour directly trough us, just ask us for the info, we will be very happy to help you! 

    Currently, TURMARES TARIFA aims to be a leader in the national and international tourism sector, trying to achieve the highest possible recognition both in the market and from the point of view of its social and environmental responsibility. This is all the more so if one considers that the object of its activity is a living resource ofthe natural environment, scarce, fragile and that it is necessary to preserve and be used in a coherent way by the local community of the destination to generate social welfare.

  • Yelow sub Tarifa

    Puerto Deportivo local 1, Tarifa 11380 .

    Diving School. Contact us for more information! 

  • Playa Chica

    36.0084418510319, -5.606516937039994 .

    Tarifa is known for its constant winds, which make it an ideal place for practicing certain sports, mainly windsurfing and kitesurfing. When tarifeños want to spend a day at the beach, they go to Playa Chica. There, instead of kites and boards, you can enjoy quiet sun. It is a family beach with few tourists. You can snorkel or scuba dive here too, but there are better beaches for it.

    You have stunning views of Africa and you fancy seeing whales in their natural habitat.

  • Los Lances Beach

    Tarifa, 11380 Tarifa, Spain .

    The 10 km of white sand paradise for which Tarifa is famous. Located to the north of the town up to the small promontory on which the Torre de la Peña stands. The beach and the pine trees just behind it are officially protected as a Natural Park. The beach is well equipped with public toilets, showers and changing rooms, lifeguard service, first aid points, flags to indicate the state of the sea, several restaurants and several beach bars. There are parking areas but they fill up on summer weekends. If it's crowded, park on the other side of the main road and walk as parking tickets are a frequent problem for those who park on the access roads. Buses leaving from the city of Tarifa also arrive at this beach. As it is 10 km long, it is often named in its northern or southern sections (Playa de los Lances Norte, Playa de los Lances Sur or Playa Río Jara). The southernmost part of the city is known as Playa Balneario. Playa de los Lances Norte has defined areas for swimming and water sports. Playa de los Lances Sur is only for bathing.

  • Valdevaqueros Beach

    Tarifa, Tarifa, Spain .

    If you want to practice some sailing sport like kite or windsurfing, this is your beach surrounded by beach bars where you can eat and especially dedicated to these sports.

  • Playa de Bolonia

    36.08456984934753, -5.766699165925343 .

    Bolonia Beach is an extraordinary destination for nature lovers. On the coast of Tarifa the Dune of Bolonia rise, one of the most impressive natural phenomena of our coasts. Its unspoilt appearance, white sand and transparent waters make it a dream place. In addition, it is located next to the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, an impressive Roman site which is one of the best preserved in Andalusia.



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